Konvert Stiftung is a foundation established with the aim of funding selected non-profit projects in education, science, and media. Its slogan
value to value expresses the idea that material values (funds) are to be transformed or converted into immaterial values (knowledge, solidarity, spirit of innovation etc.) in order to keep our societies thriving.

Konvert Stiftung is a registered German non-profit-organisation (gGmbH).

Konvert Stiftung benefits from the personal inherited funds of its founder, Martin Krohs, which he dedicated to philanthropy. It does not accept grant applications. The limited funds of Konvert currently do not permit sustained activity; in order to reach this critical mass, further donors are warmly welcomed.


Konvert Stiftung gGmbH | Wilhelminenhofstr. 76/77 | 12459 Berlin | mail@konvert-stiftung.de
Geschäftsführer: Martin Krohs